You will need to consider which model you would like to purchase: the smaller model is suitable for smaller dogs and smaller spaces and the larger model is suitable for larger dogs up to 80kg.

Firstly, you will need to consult your vet on your dog’s health and physical ability. You will also need to consider the dog’s age; dogs should only begin using the treadmill once they are over a year old.

Before you begin training your dog on the dogPACER treadmill it is important to get them accustomed to the dogPACER by walking them on and off the treadmill.

Once they are comfortable, begin walking your dog slowly on the dogPACER treadmill. Begin with short walks and use treats to keep your dog motivated and use praise to keep training positive.

Always allow your dog to exit from the front of the dogPACER treadmill.

You can slowly build up the speed and length of their run and lessen the number of treats. Some dogs will initially like the dogPACER immediately and some will need more encouragement, but we have found that most dogs that try out the dogPACER treadmill begin to love it within the first week.

Most dogs will take to the dogPACER treadmill very well within the first few runs. The key to this process is patience, encouragement, calmness and praise.

Your dog will be able to sense your emotions, so it is vital that you as the owner stay calm and positive throughout the run.

Begin by walking your dog on and off the dogPACER treadmill a few times, once they are comfortable, we can begin by walking slowly for a few minutes, the first few times it’s beneficial to use some tasty treats to keep your dog motivated and focused. Be sure to follow up the walk with plenty of praise and always end on a good note.

If your dog gets off or becomes overly nervous, stop the dogPACER treadmill, walk them on and off and back on again for an extra minute of walking, this will ensure their last memory on the dogPACER treadmill is always positive.

We can later build up speed and length of the run, by introducing the treadmill this way your dog is sure to take to the treadmill well.

Although it is very rare, if you are having a difficult time, feel free to watch our many instructional videos or contact us personally, we will be happy to help!

It can be very cute when one of our dogs simply can not wait to get on the dogPACER treadmill and they leap onto the back to join their friend but running two dogs at the same time can be dangerous and the dogPACER is not designed to be used by two dogs simultaneously.

For beginners:

Walk your dog on and off the treadmill to allow them to become comfortable, if they are unwilling, you can place treats along the treadmill to encourage them to follow the trail onto the treadmill.

Begin by walking your dog slowly; if they are not responding well, you can use treats to encourage them.

For experts:

Once your dog is accustomed to the dogPACER treadmill you can take the side panels off of the treadmill to observe your dogs gait.

Once your dog is used to the treadmill you can also use our specialized preprogrammed workouts.

Veterinarians, police departments, fire departments, breeders, dog trainers and people looking to keep their dog in top condition, mentally and physically, use the dogPACER treadmill.

No, it is not safe. However the treadmill was built with both the owner and dog in mind. The computer is low down and facing outward so that you can interact with your dog while they exercise, this is safe and keeps them feeling comfortable.

However, every dogPACER is also fitted with an emergency stop, which can be attached to your dogs collar- the emergency stop will stop the treadmill immediately in the case that your dog slides too far down the treadmill.

The dogPACER was specifically designed for dogs, with their needs in mind.

The flexible side panels provide the dog with focus (tunnel vision) this is important when providing them with encouragement and care, they also safely prevent the dog from jumping to one side or the other, which is especially important during the first stages of training. This is also the reason for their flexibility, if the dog were to jump onto the side panels, they would not be injured as the side panels are made from a safe, flexible, dog friendly material.

The computer face is also built specifically for you as the owner, the interface is pointed away from the dog and toward you. This gives you control while being able to care for your dog at eye level during the run.

A human treadmill is simply not long enough for larger breeds to open their gait to its full extension. This is why we created the LF3.1.

We also created the Minipacer with smaller breeds and smaller spaces in mind. The Minipacer is a great option for those of you with smaller dogs, the Minipacer is much smaller and safer than a human treadmill for these small breeds, especially toy and miniature breeds, for whom a human treadmill may be overwhelming.