The dogPACER treadmill means there is never a day that your dog will not get their required amount of exercise. No matter the weather your dog will be able to enjoy the benefits of exercise and mental release. We all know that during the summer months it can be dangerous to exercise and run your dog outside. Extreme temperatures can lead to overheating, which can ultimately lead to death. Once your dog has been walked or played with outside and given proper hydration, you can follow up by running them on the pacer in a cool environment. This, of course, also applies during the harsh winter months, some dogs simply aren’t built for very cold temperatures or do not enjoy running out in the rain or snow. During these days, however, it is still important that they get the proper amount of exercise.

The dogPACER treadmill can also be used, following discussion with your medical professional, to rehabilitate dogs who have suffered an injury and are now recovering, and on the flip side they can be used if the owner is suffering from an injury to disability to ensure that their dogs still gets all the exercise they need during this time.

We all know that the summer heat can be dangerous for our four legged family members. Heat exhaustion is extremely serious and can even become life threatening. A quick run with the dogs can turn fatal in the event of heat exhaustion.

Dogs most at risk: Large dogs over seven years of age; Small breeds, especially brachycephalic dogs (bulldogs, pugs, Boston terries); Overweight dogs; Puppies under six months.

Know what to look out for! Signs of overheating, what to look out for! Unresponsiveness, disorientation, excessive panting, noisy breathing, uncoordinated movement. Extreme signs include- vomiting, collapse, seizure or coma.

In case of heat exhaustion: Remove your dog from the heat, allow your dog to drink plenty of cool water, cool your dog with a wet towel and contact your veterinarian if they exhibit signs of extreme overheating or if symptoms persist.

The dogPACER! The perfect way to train your dogs over one year of age out of the heat this summer! Remember when playing with and walking your dogs this season to walk with caution, keep your dogs hydrated with a portable travel dish, use proper sun screen and be on the look out for signs of heat exhaustion!

The first thing to understand is the ideal weight for your dog. The ideal weight however is not a specific number nor is it the same for every dog. Ideally your dogs ribs should be easy to feel, but should not necessarily be seen (this can vary depending on the dog, some dogs are very visible ribs, but this does not necessarily mean they are underweight, this will also depend on the breed), they would also have a relatedly defined waist. There are many charts available and often seen on the wall of your vet which depict the correct shape of your dog.

Your dog should be getting enough exercise for their particular breed. Not only is exercise important for your dog anatomically, but it is also very important for their mental health. Most dogs need far more than a leisurely stroll around the park or neighborhood and some even need more than a run with their owner on foot or by bicycle.

Diet, we control what our dogs eat and therefore it is our responsibility to ensure they are getting the right amount of the right food, make sure that your dog is receiving the correct amount of food, try to avoid giving your dog extras when you are eating or when they are sniffing around the kitchen. It is also best to feed your dog on a schedule and need your dogs food and snacks healthy!

We owners should also remember to monitor our dogs weight, it is important to check your dogs weight regularly to ensure that they have not gained or lost too much weight.

It is important not to walk your dogs on very hot pavement, in summer it important to be mindful of the temperature when taking your dogs for a walk. The time time to walk or play with your dogs in the summer is in the morning or late in the evening, when the pavement is cool. It is also a good idea to toughen up your dogs paws by walking your dogs on the cool pavement. However, if they do become exposed to hot pavement, try soothing the blisters or burns with an antibacterial soap and a loose gauze. Contact your veterinarian for further advice.

If you would like to walk or play with your dogs during warmer times of the day, it is important to stick to grassy areas. A park with plenty of trees and shade is the perfect place to walk your dogs on summer days.

To ensure they get enough exercise during the hot months you can run your dog on their dogPACER treadmill in a cool environment when they return home from their morning or evening walk.

In the winter dogs paws can get dry and cracked. Not only can the cold weather affect their paws, but people often use salts and other chemicals on the roads, which can be toxic to dogs who enjoy licking their paws. You can avoid this by washing/wiping their paws when coming home from a walk.

The dogPACER treadmill can also be used in the winter months for dogs who are susceptible to the cold and who do not enjoy running in the cold, ice or snow.

During the harsh weather, you can also try dogs shoes, disposable booties, socks or pads to protect your dogs paws.

The last thing to remember is to moisturize your dogs feet to help prevent injuries, even small injuries can lead to more serious issues. So avoiding burns and injuries and moisturizing your dogs paws is vital. If they do cut their paw, clean the wound with antibacterial wash, use some anti bacterial cream and wrap with a gauze. If this cut seems serious, please contact your vet for advice. Even if the cut seems minor you should check cut carefully over the next week and contact your veterinarian if it gets worse or there are any signs of infection.

Summer or wintertime be mindful of the weather and they problems that could occur.